Thailand - Minimum Wage 2011 Increases

(Source: The Thailand Board of Investment's Investment Review publication)

The minimum wage for 2011 has been increased by the Central Wage Committee, which is a group of government, employer and labor representatives that meet at the end of each year to discuss the matter. This year’s increase is set by the region in the country and will be between 8 and 17 baht.

The increase is less than the amount originally proposed by the government, but for areas such as Bangkok it has nevertheless increased from 206 baht per day to 215. Phuket, which has the highest cost of living, has the highest minimum wage level in the country at 221 baht. Over the next several years, consideration will be given to adjustments for inflation.  These will be in a gradual manner that will not affect the economy.

On average, the minimum wage has now increased by nearly 7 percent, bringing the national average to 176.3 baht per day. The rationale behind the increase was to meet the government’s goal of reducing the disparity that exists in the country and alleviating the burden on the lower income wage earners. The Social Security Office has made it know that the increase will affect about four million workers. Their purchasing power is expected to increase by 14.69 billion baht as a result of this move.

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