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"We recommend you look widely and compare the various regions in terms of incentives (both government and natural) they have to offer.  Many areas can potentially serve your needs and each will have positives and negatives that need to be weighed and measured in the context of your company's overall requirements."
- Chris Runckel, President
 Runckel & Associates


Industrial Parks / Estates  in:

Vietnam | Thailand | China | Laos | Cambodia| Philippines

Industrial Parks in Vietnam

- IP in South Vietnam Near HCMC: 37 IZ and EZ information

- North Near Hanoi: Noi Bai IZ | Daewoo-Hanel IZ | Dai An Industrial Zone | Dai Tu IZ | Dinh Vu IZ | Hai Phong 96 EPZ | Nam Sach Industrial Zone | Nomura - Haiphong (NHIZ) | Pho Noi Bai IZ | Phu Thai IZ | Phu Dien Industrial Zone | Sai Dongi IZ(SIZ) | Thang Long IP (TLIP)

- Central Vietnam

Da Nang: Danang IZ | Hoa Khanh IZ | Lien Chieu IZ

  • Logistics:
  • Labor: 

Industrial Parks in Thailand

- Chonburi: Amata | Hemaraj

- Ayutthaya: Rojana | Nava Nakorn

- Rayong: Amata | Rojana | Hemaraj

- Software Park, near Bangkok

- Biotech Research Facilities

- Zones Map

port in Thailand

Industrial Parks in Cambodia
  • Logistics:
- Cambodian Ports Updates
Ports in Cambodia: three main international ports in Cambodia

- International Airport
- Grant for Reforms from The Asian Development Bank
- Cambodia is Building Transmission Lines

Industrial Parks China
  • Industrial and Economic Zones in:

- Weihai, Shandong

- Taizhou, Zhejiang

- Suzhou


Industrial Parks in Laos

Industrial Parks in The Philippines

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