The business of doing business in Asia requires a sound business plan. Runckel & Associates assists companies interested in investing, manufacturing or starting factories or offices in Asia.   Our services are uniquely qualified as our staff has
lived and worked in Asia, speaks most of the languages and understands the law, culture and challenges of living and working throughout the region. Additionally, we have major offices in China, Vietnam and Thailand and have the experienced people in place to ensure your job is done and done well. 


Runckel & Associates provide complete service from help in comparing multiple locations across Asia and throughout a particular country, developing business plans, advice on site selection, logistics, licenses and permits, and more.

Site Selections

factory, plant
We recommend you look widely and compare the various regions in terms of incentives (both government and natural) they have to offer. 
Many areas can potentially serve your needs and each will have positives and negatives that need to be weighed and measured in the context of your company's overall requirements. 

> Business Opportunities
- Asia: Turning Crisis into Opportunity (presentation)
- Asia:
Is Asia in A Golden Age?
- Vietnam: Businesses to Binh Duong, Vietnam
China: Opportunity for Foreign Retailers in China
- Binh Duong continued it's outreach to Thai Investors
- U.S. Trade and Investment in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
- Potential in Challenging Times
- Ninh Thuan: Opportunities on Vietnam’s South Central Coast

> Comparing China, India, South East Asia
- Asian Countries: Countries to Watch
- Location, location, location: Part I | Part II
China's Manufacturing worsening
- China:  New Opportunities – New Challenges

> Free Trade Agreements
- FTA: Coopreation with ASEAN through FTA
- ASEAN: Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) is a positive message
- FTAs with East and SEAsia
- India's Free Trade Agreement with ASEAN: India's first major multilateral FTA
- Seven Impacts on Cambodia's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO)
South Korea and ASEAN FTA: posted a perfect fit
- Benefits from ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) Tariff Cuts

- Southeast Asia offers opportunity
- Thailand trade with the US, EU, Japan and China
FTA Benefits
- Updates: Thailand's Free Trade Agreements
Investment  Thai-Laos
Benefits of AFTA
- Impacts of WTO membership
- Vietnam and China Finish Agreement on Border
- Investment Vietnam-Laos
- Thailand and Vietnam Trade

> Industrial Parks / Industrial Zones
- Asia: List of Industrial Parks/Zones in Asia
- Laos: FDI in Laos
Industrial Estates and Economic Zones in Laos
- Vietnam: Businesses to Binh Duong, Vietnam
- Vietnam: Opportunities in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam
- Thailand and Vietnam: Picking the Right Industrial Park
- China:
Type of Industrial Areas and Zones in China
Information Categorixed by Regions: Yangtze River Delta | Pearl River Delta | Other Coastal Regions | Northeast Region | Western Region
- India: Top India's States and India's Industrial Parks and Economic Zones
- Philippines:
Investment in the Philippines:  Time for a Second Look
- Thailand: Investors in Thailand - Multinational investors' interviews: Why Thailand?
- Thailand: Industrial Estates and Economic Zones in Thailand
- Vietnam: Vietnam is a sound alternative to China
- Choice of Locations for a Foreign Factory

Industrial Parks in Vietnam
- SEZ to Lead Country in Exports and Growth
Looking Beyond Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi
- Becamex My Phuoc Industrial Park (MPIP): Good and Getting Better
Long An Province: A Growing Option for Factory Relocation | Investment in Long An
- Dung Quat Economic Zone
- Quang Nam Aims High for an Industrialized Future
- List of IPs in South Vietnam
- Complete list of IPs in Vietnam
- Map of IPs in Vietnam

Economy Updates

- Cambodia: Cambodia's Economy is Set to Expand
Cambodia: More than You Might Expect
List of Investing Countries in Cambodia
Cambodia's New Constructions
- Vietnam: Economic Update 2011
Vietnam is a sound alternative to China
New City Taking Shape in South of Vietnam - Inviting Thai businesses
Competitiveness Inside and Outside of Vietnam
- Philippines: Time for a Second Look
Economic Update 2011
- Thailand: Thailand: Ranked Lower in Competitive Nations
Economic Growth 2010-2011
- India: Why India?
- Asia: Asia's Inflation will Cause Economic Slowdown
- China:
China's Global Ranking on Competitiveness 2010
- Investment and  Infrastructure development Thai-Laos

Costs of Doing Business and Other Comparisons

China's days as the lowest-cost export base for a company are largely past, especially in the Eastern Seaboard regions such as Guangdong province and the area around Shanghai.
These areas are becoming relatively higher in cost and as a consequence, many companies are looking to Southeast Asia. Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and the Philippines can be very cost competitive location to manufacture or locate a business.

Important cost factors are:  land cost, building cost, utilities: electricity, water, gas, heat, sewage/waste water; labor: minimum wage, unskilled workers, skilled workers, salaries; freight rates; office and apartment rentals, and more..

Runckel & Associates Investment Report
- Report Comparing Investment Costs for  Countries in Asia
- Report Comparing Cost in Four Locations of China
- Security Report

> Costs of Doing Business in Asia
- India and China: Looking below the surface to compare these two rising Asian business giants
Cost of Doing Business in Philippines
- Cost of doing Business
- Cost of Living for Expatriates in Vietnam

> Labor Costs/Wages
- Cambodia: Recruiting Workers for its Multinational Factories
- Asia: Average Wages
- China: China Raises Minimum Wage
Provinces in China, Costs and wages Comparison
- Thailand: Minimum Wage 2011 Increases
- Laos: Cost of doing business in Laos
- Philippines:
Daily Minimum Wage Rate for different industries and services
- Vietnam:
Vietnam's Labor Problems Amidst its High Inflation
- Vietnam Workers' Minimum Wage to Increase
- Vietnam’s labor market shows signs of recovery
- Vietnam Workers Minimum Wage to Increase by $4
- Workers wages in Vietnam Rise to Meet Labor Demands
- Hong Kong: Minimum Wage is Final in Hong Kong

> Comparing Asian Countries
- Workers and Wages 2010
- Employment, Comparing Human Resource in Asia
- Tax Comparison
- Rules and Regulations
- Inflation Rate
- Exchange Rate
- Education and Training
, Comparing Education, Training, Skills, Hiring, Firing
- Security
- Consumer Confidence
- Protecting Investors
- Most Problematic Factors
- GDP & Growth Rate
- Asia Table of Peace Index Ranking
- Inflation Rate
- Export Growth & Direction
- Import Growth
- Foreign Direct Investment
- Health and Hygiene
- Environmental Awareness
- Exchange Rate
- Table of Tax Comparison

Logistics and Infrastructure

Infrastructure (airports, seaports, roads, bridges, etc.) are all important to a country in terms of attracting investment and business and to a company when it is time to decide where 
to locate an investment, build a factory, establish a regional office, etc.  How easy a country is to travel to and the modernity and efficiency of its air and seaports is always something a company and its executives need to consider.  Asia is growing fast and infrastructure in terms of air and seaports is constantly changing.  Below are insights on logistical key installations throughout the region.

- A Long Road Ahead: Power, Transportation, Water, Labor Migration, Security
- India infrastructure

> Cambodia
- Cambodia Ports Updates
- International Ports in Cambodia
- Cambodia is Building Transmission Lines
- Power export and Internet Services
- New Airport

> Comparing Asia's logistrics and Infrastructure
- Trans-Asia Rail Link: A long link between China, various countries in Asia and Russia, including India
- The Singapore - Kunming Rail Link (SKRL) - Connecting domestic rail networks in Asia
- Asia's table of infrastructure comparison
- Table of Comparison: Air Transport Infrastructure | Ground Transport | IT Infrastructure
- Airports in Asia

> Vietnam
- Ports in Vietnam: Stunting amid Economic Development
- Port of Danang, Central Vietnam
Seaport Capacity in Vietnam Troubles Firms
- Ports in Vietnam
- Port Expansion is Needed
- Danang Port
- Future Upgrade of Airport

> Thailand
- The country's investment in infrastructure
- Major Thai Ports and Maritime Projects
- Air Freight
- Thailand's Airports
- Railways

> Laos
- Infrastructure in Laos

  License, Registration, Incentives and Supports

"We recommend you look widely and compare the various regions in terms of incentives (both government and natural) they have to offer.  
Many areas can potentially serve your needs and each will have positives and negatives that need to be weighed and measured in the context of your company's overall requirements."
- Chris Runckel, President, Runckel & Associates

> Company Registration and FDI
- China:
Procedures and Time in Setting up business and Factory
- Company Registrations in China: 1) A Foreign Representative. 2) Joint Venture. 3) A Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise
- FDI Updates and Government Supports
- Thailand: Procedures and Time in Setting up business and Factory

-  FDI Updates

- Laos: FDI in Laos
- FDI in Laos: Types and Procedures
- Laos: List of Projects Calling for FDI
- Cambodia: FDI in Cambodia, Company Registration
- India: FDI in India and investment registration

Product Sourcing

“The most common mistake companies make is to chase low prices. If you focus only on price, you often miss other potential costs.”  Many of these other potential costs stem from quality issues, says Chris Runckel, President of Runckel & Associates. 
"While companies can save money initially by using lower-cost suppliers, they must often pay more to remedy problems when those suppliers are unable to meet quality requirements. In such situations, companies not only face the direct costs associated with replacing faulty products but also the potential damage to their reputations if the products reach their customers", he adds. 

- Strategic Sourcing: for manufacturers

> SMEs
- ASEAN/China: Asean-China SMEs
- Vietnam: SMEs in Vietnam
- China:
More Welcoming to Small Companies
Opportunities for Company Expansion in Vietnam
Vietnam proving a Great Base for U.S. SMEs
Sourcing Products in Vietnam

Right-cost, not low-cost sourcing
Asia's Top Outsourcing Cities
Tips and Market Trends for China
Outsourcing and FDI Trends
- Shandong: Increasingly Demanding Attention
- Opportunities in Vietnam
- Outsourcing Advice from the Pros
- Sourcing and Business Traveling in China's Shanghai Delta Region
Sourcing 101
- On Foreign Soil - Arm yourself with the information
- Shanghai as becoming a more expensive place to do business and most Chinese company’s factories in the area are likely to be located in one of the two neighboring provinces – Zhejiang or Jiansu which border and surround China’s commercial hub.
- Business Opportunities in Vietnam

Visit Facilitation

Runckel & Associates of Business-in-Asia.com is an expert in providing strategic business trip facilitation that can maximize your time and expenses, both for private companies and academic institutes.  
Some of our business trip journals can be viewed on each of the country page or on our Business Group and Executive MBA's article links in this section.

> Plan Your Trip
- Trip Facilitation and Appointments
- Executive MBA (EMBA) Trip
- Etiquette and Travel Tips
- Airports
- Preparation and Emergency
- Cambodia's New E-Visa
Serviced Apartments in Thailand

> Business Trip Journals
- EMBA Trip to India, China and Thailand

- Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos: Travel off the Beaten Path
- A Tale of Three Cities - business trip to three cities in Asia
The Road to Savannakhet: report on a recent business trip to Laos - Vietiane and Savannakhet
Yr.2007: A Visit to Vientiane, Laos

Companies Directory

Runckel & Associates staff in Asia have met with some of the companies listed.  Despite this, we recommend that companies conduct due diligence prior to signing contracts or certainly well before sending funds for products or services. 
Runckel & Associates can assist you in conducting your due diligence, contact or negotiating with your Asia supplier.  Please contact us at the address below if such asssitance is desired.

> Thailand
- List of Certified Companies in Thailand
- Export Companies List
- Biotechnology Companies in Thailand
> Vietnam
- Vietnamese Companies List by Industrial Zones
- Vietnamese Export Directory
- Chinese Companies List - Weihai, China
> Cambodia
List of Garment Companies
List of Non-Textile Companies - Wood, Seafood, Handicraft and more
List of Footwear Companies
> Philippines
Directory of Philippines Companies

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